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Areas of Expertise

Business Creation and Realization

Starting a business can feel like a daunting project.  Even if you know what you want to do.  Getting where you want to go and handling the drama in your life that will come up is where I come in.  Whether you are just beginning or in the process, I will help you sort out your thoughts so that you will be working from your decisions and not your reactions in the moment. 

CEO and Founder Support

You've built a successful company but it's lonely at the top.  You need someone who will listen to you and help you work through your next steps and goal setting for the future.  Deciding where you are going next and creating that framework so that you can work more on your business and less in your business.  We handle all the things that will come up for you along the way.

Confidence Coaching

How do you create confidence?  Is it just something you are born with?  I'll help you understand what it is and how to get it in your personal and professional life.  It comes down to you creating belief about yourself and that is where we start.  You'll discover there is more evidence in your life that you have what it takes to be confident.  Once you stop living and thinking small, your confidence will be off the charts.


Want to learn how to create a successful business?  You want someone in your corner that has been there in the trenches.   What do you want to be thinking to grow in your personal and professional relationships with yourself and others?   I'll help you clean up your thoughts about you and others so that you will get more out of your business and private life.

Divorce and Family

You're contemplating divorce-should you or shouldn't you? You need real help making up your mind and want to have a clear head to make a decision. You've come to the place where you can have a private conversation about it and work out what you want to do.

It may have been messy or a clean break but your divorce can come with a lot of emotions that you are not sure how to handle. You can talk about all of the things that happened and where you're going. Your goals are what drive the sessions.

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About Sally
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About Sally

Born and raised in Dover NH, Sally created a multi-million dollar catering brand. With the success of that business solid, she became certified at the Life Coach School.


A relationship and confidence coach, Sally works with individuals that want to understand how their thought processes can help them achieve the results they want in their lives and businesses.  Helping others 'flip the switch' on what is holding them back and the why of it is what makes her coaching practice so rewarding.

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