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6, 50 minutes sessions for goal creation and steps to achieve it.

We’ll cover:
-Who you are now and who you will need to become to get there
-All the obstacles that stand in the way of your goal
-Turning all your obstacles into strategies
-Awareness training when you want to fall back on “I don’t know” or “I can’t”
-Action steps to help you outline your pathway to getting it



1, 50 minute session to work on a specific problem or goal. Find some resolution to a concern, test your theory on the relationships in your life, have a quick goal setting session with action
steps for you to work on on your own.



1, 90 minute session to dig deeper into what you want to achieve and give you clarity and mindfulness around what is holding you back. Action steps to the goal, homework, skill development package of Time 101, and Attention Auditing.

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